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For starting, you have to install the mk4 R32 or 2.8 4Motion gearbox. I'm busy with a set so the mk5 R32 Gearbox can use but this products will come in the begin from 2012. You need this other gearbox because the ratio in the angle-drive and Haldex must have the same ratio. For using this 02M gearbox you need a other gearbox-mount and front-mount because there is no stock mount what will fit. I sell this mounts in our webshop what you can see in the link below. The prices are incl 19%tax so when you have a company or live out of Europe, you don't have to pay this tax.

DB Customs Gearbox and engine mounts

It's also that you need a other flywheel and clutch (240mm) for this bigger Gearbox. This parts can be use from the stock mk4 R32 or 2.8 but it's a 2mass flywheel what can give problems for when you want build a stronger engine. I'm dealer from Sachs Performance and can deliver a complete lighter 1mass-set from steel and stronger clutch-kit if you want.

 ZF Sachs

After install the gearbox, the drive shafts won't fit anymore. The easiest way is to use the drive shafts from the R32 and shortened this. There are more drive shafts what can be use, but they must have the 108mm inner cv-joint and they must be hollow because the massive shaft can't be shortened because it's complete hardened and will broken after welding it. The mk4 R32 outer joints will fit into the VR6 wheel-hubs. On this way is the complete drive-line much stronger than a stock VR6.

The rear beam must change so the Haldex Gen1 will fit on the rear beam. I have chosen for the Haldex Gen1 (VW mk4, first model TT Quattro and first model A3 4Motion) because this one need less room on the rear so the stock fuel-tank can be use.

I sell a Haldex-kit what you can weld on the rear beam by yourself, but it's also possible to buy a already converted rear beam. You will pay 100 Euro less when you send your own rear beam. You can find the product with prices in the follow link:

Syncro to Haldex DIY conversion

When this is ready, you need the rear drive shafts from the Golf mk2 Syncro or Passat G60 Syncro because they are a lttle bit shorter what is better for the inner cv-joints. This rear drive shafts need a little modify so the wider 100mm inner joint will fit on the Haldex-flanges.

The propshaft will fit from the VR6 Syncro, but the front-part from this shaft must change with a piece of the mk4 or mk5 prop shaft so it will fit on the rubber disc from the gearbox.

The Original rear axel from a Golf 3 Syncro

Old Syncro axle versus the new modified Axel with the Haldex

Complete axels Haldex and Syncro

Haldex axel installed on a Golf 3 Syncro

Original cardan fits perfectly

Front Shafts shortend to fit in a Golf 3 with DSG gearbox:
Golf 3 DSG shafts